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2011 AssistU VA Buddy of the Year Winner

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I am driven and dedicated, and I am very sincere when I say that I am absolutely an individual! After a brief period as an aerobics, fitness, and nutrition instructor in the mid-80s, I completely switched gears and ventured into the administrative field. For the past 25+ years, I have worked in many industries: tractor/trailer sales and leasing, finance and insurance coordination, sales administration, manufacturing, banking support, and for the past 17 years, I worked for a major International Management Consulting Firm.

Since I worked for a team that was scattered throughout North America, in 2004, the opportunity was made available for me to work from home. I was ecstatic and reveled in the prospect! What a terrific way to work! Without many of the daily workplace interruptions, my productivity soared. This was terrific! About that time, a friend sent me an article about the new up-and-coming profession of Virtual Assistance. And since I loved what I was doing, I wasn't quite ready to pursue my own business. So, I filed the article away - *just in case*.

Fast forward to 2008...I'm reading a magazine and see an article about Virtual Assistance and Assist University, the Harvard of training programs for Virtual Assistance. About a month later, I see a segment about AssistU on the Today show. This really gets my mind moving and I start to think about possibly making some big changes.

In late fall of 2009, my work life was at a crossroads. It was time to decide what I wanted to do, and what direction I wanted my life and career to move. I decided to apply to AssistU and start my own business, performing the same type of support I have for the past several years, only now I'll be working for myself!

Happily, I was accepted into the program! After six months of intensely invigorating and amazing training, I graduated and became a Certified Graduate of Assist University. What a life changing experience! I learned many wonderful things about running my business, as well as terrific insight about myself. I am absolutely thrilled to own my own business and create the work/life balance I've always wanted.


Having been raised in Missouri, The Gateway to the West, and right in the heart of the US, I am definitely a down to earth Midwest girl with Midwest values! I am married to an amazing man who is my soul mate. I have two step-children and three wonderful granddaughters, all of who are absolute joys in my life! While they live several hours away, we love visiting with them whenever we have the opportunity.

My interests are quite varied and include: reading all types of books, traveling to warm sunny places (think Caribbean), boating, cooking (for relaxation as well as having a love for great food), and painting.

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