2021 AssistU Most Supportive Community Member of the Year Winner


  • You only pay for the hours you need and use. While I only work on a retainer basis, you're not paying for my downtime; you pay for the time I actually spend on your work.

  • There is no need for you to purchase additional office space, equipment, etc. I work from my home, using my equipment.

  • You don't pay taxes, insurance, benefits, etc. I own my business, pay my own taxes, insurance, and vacation time.

  • We're in a working relationship together. I'll work with you to help you find the time to move toward your goals.

  • You have someone with whom to brainstorm and create ideas. Since we'll be working in a long-term relationship, I'll get to know you and your business. I'll be proactive in helping you find ways to work more efficiently and effectively.


These are on my absolute Yes list:

  • Microsoft Office Suite
    • Word
    • PowerPoint
    • Excel
    • Adobe Acrobat Professional
    • Outlook

  • Google Suite

  • Email support

  • Assist with Social Media presence and posting

  • Telephone support

  • Calendar organization and appointment scheduling

    • Setting up and confirming Client meetings, conference calls, etc.
    • Seminar and Conference Registration
    • Dinner reservations (local and while traveling), golf tee times, etc.

  • Business correspondence

  • Small (under 100 pieces) mailings, including mail merge
    • Newsletters
    • Invitations
    • Holiday Cards

  • Direct client interaction

  • PowerPoint presentations

  • Personal and business paperwork

  • Systematizing your processes

  • Internet research

  • Meeting and Conference Planning and execution
    • Seminars and Conferences
    • Business events – Meetings, Executive Summits, etc.

  • Business and office supply shopping

  • Client billing – QuickBooks and Freshbooks

  • Domestic and international travel arrangements – Business and Personal

  • Transcription and dictation

  • Personal support and shopping
    • Small gifts, cards, holiday cards,
    • Wedding and funeral flowers/gifts

  • Reminder Service

  • Relocation services help and research

  • Learning about new tools and methodologies for working that will make your processes and procedures better and more efficient, then implementing them and training you (and others on your team) in their use. The better you can work and collaborate, the more quickly you can respond to opportunities and challenges.

These are on my absolute No list:

  • SPAM
  • Telemarketing
  • Collections

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